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West Bay & West Heron PACT
Minutes of the meeting held at
Hampton Pier yacht Club
on Tuesday 27th June, 2016

Present: Geoff Gambrill, Roger Stewart, Judith King, Cllr. David Thomas, Doreen Brookfield.
Apologies: Cllr. Andrew Cook, Cllr. Brian McDowell.
Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.
Matters Arising:
The person in charge of Speedwatch has resigned and it has been transferred to another department. Due to commitments the chairman has been unable to chase further. Community wardens are no longer involved.
Parking at Hampton School: Want to know where the crossing can go. There is no footfall survey in existence in the area and it is a very low priority.
Cobblers Bridge Road: Police to be informed of numbers of lorries contravening the 6'6” width restriction.
PACT Website: The web provider has been taken over by another company but nothing will change. Nothing to update.
Interest has been shown re the defibrillator outside the yacht club.
Grass cutting: Cllr. Cook has been on to the relevant person but nothing has been done. It is being treated as a rural cut and will not be done again until October.
Camper van park: No update.
Dog Fouling: This is still an ongoing problem.
Any other business: Resident had a letter put through door complaining about dog barking. The dog was not in the house as the resident was on holiday. She has been advised to ring PCSO.
There is still a hole in the grass at the end of Bournemouth Drive.
There have been men in the area knocking on doors offering paving work.
The Neighbourhood Watch is still continuing.
Date of next meeting: 26th July 2016.

WEST BAY PACT PRIORITIES 2010/2012 (Action from meeting 10.01.2011)







Speed Watch Programme to start November 2014


Anti-social Behaviour








Richard Tolson to pass on information regarding enforcement issue at junction of The Broadway and Sea Street.

Judith King and Sandra Marvin to provide Cllr Hirst with information regarding The Broadway and Cross Street areas for possible yellow lining.

Cycling on Pavement





Richard Tolson to contact CCC Environments Promotional team regarding possible sponsored litter bins on school route for HBHS.

Beach Hut Vandalism



State of Invicta Roofing Premises


Possible goodwill gesture by Invicta Roofing re reduction in height of shelving.

Cllr Hirst to discuss with Southern Water possibility of tree planting to screen Invicta Roofing premises.

Dog Fouling


Matthew Scott to research best practice actions carried out by other local authorities.

Jet Ski Safety


Monitoring during Spring 2011 of new arrangements at Hampton Beach.

Roads and Pavements


All members to continue to report potholes to Highways Department and get job number.