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Manston Airport

The consultation is still running, have your say at www.rsp.co.uk




Learn to play the Ukulele.

 Play with Dave

 Beginners classes start on Wednesday 11th. October. 2017, at the Studd Hill Community Centre at 2.00pm. and cost £2.

For more info, e mail dave.coupland @yahoo.co.uk 



Cycling on Spa Esplanade.

Canterbury City Council are promoting a year long trial of cycling and sharing the path with pedestrians starting on Monday 24th. April 2017. the PACT panel has always been against cycling along Spa Esplanade and has written to the council with their safety concerns. The council would like any comments on this issue sent to transportation@canterbury.gov.uk or on social media    #ShareThePath  If anyone sees any anti- social behaviour along the esplanade please contact the council enforcement team on 01227 862 250.

The Heron Angling Society, and The Spa Residents Association have also written to the council stressing safety concerns. 



If you have any concerns that you think that the panel can help with, please use the contact form on the site.

This website is funded by the County Council and is solely for the benefit of West Bay and West Heron Ward residents. If you would like to join the panel, please use the contact form on the site.

Dear Residents,
PACTS or Neighbourhood panels were originally set up by the government to act as a liaison between residents and local government /utilities/police etc. where issues within ward boundaries could be discussed, information exchanged, and hopefully resolved. This has worked well in West Bay over the last few years, with things like defects in roads and pavements, litter bins, dog fouling to a degree (this is ongoing) parking and anti social behaviour matters have been addressed. However, times change rapidly these days, and there has been a fall off of members of the panel together with officials of the various partners not attending. This can be attributed to a number of reasons. Firstly, councillors of the KCC. and CCC. are very busy people and do find it difficult to attend meetings due to the fact that they have official committees to sit on which take place during the evenings. The police for instance, have an increased workload, and also find it difficult to attend, this also applies to CCC officers who have had to combine jobs, and have very little time to devote to PACT meetings.
The good news is that with enhanced information technology (websites of the various partners and of course the police 101 number) it is now easier to report and get issues which concern residents into the system without going through the neighbourhood panel. This has led us to concede that it is no longer viable to hold regular monthly meetings. We will continue to maintain the website, and only meet when there are major problems within the ward where the panel may be able to help.
Community Speed Watch.
The administrative problems with the scheme at police Headquarters have recently been resolved and also the Speed Indicator Device (SID) is now available from CCC. The panel has a number of members trained to operate speed watch sessions, but unfortunately no one person is willing to arrange and coordinate regular outings. We are therefore asking for a volunteer to take on this role. If anyone is interested please use the contact form on this site.
Details of your local councillors can be found on the who's who page on this site.
KCC. www.kent.gov.uk
Canterbury city council. www.canterbury.gov.uk
Water. www.southernwater.co.uk
Electrical. edfenergy.com emergency: 0800 096 9000.
Smell Gas. 0800 111 999


Forthcoming Events.






The Seaside Museum.

12 William street. Herne Bay. 






Studd Hill Choir

Studd Hill Community Hall 46 Daimler Avenue

Every Wednesday

7:15 - 9pm.

All ages welcome. More Info: call Jack on 07702643305.


Studd Hill Singing Group.

Every Wednesday 5.15pm.-7pm.

Call Jack on 07702643305. 




Dear Resident,
At a recent meeting of the Neighbour Panel it was reported that there have been instances of inappropriate parking in parts of the ward, where cars and trades vehicles have restricted the free flow of traffic. Emergency vehicles need access to all parts of the roadway and any restrictions could cost lives.  In order to make parking safer and to restrict the possibility of damage to vehicles (wing mirrors), the panel would ask you to consider the following. Please park on one side of the road only. Please talk to your neighbours and agree a strategy. If you have visitors and tradesmen working at your house ask them to park properly unless it is vital to the work being carried out. Nobody wants the expense of replacing wing mirrors etc.
The Police are aware of the situation and will possibly book offenders that are causing an obstruction. Please also note that as a resident you have no right in law to park directly outside your property.

Refuse collections.

If you are elderly or disabled and have difficulty in putting out or retrieving your bins on collection day, you can ask SERCO for assistance. Just ring 01227 819400 and ask to be put on the assistance list, give your name and address. When the new collections start the refuse wagons will have a computer list of addresses which need assistance. 


The PACT panel is working very hard with the County Councilors to identify and repair dangerous potholes in the ward, BUT we need your help! Please report any potholes at the Fix My Street website. Kent County Council.

Canterbury & Herne Bay Volunteer Centre.

Volunteer Centre Transport Scheme.

If you wish to use the Centre Transport Scheme you will need to register with us as a client. You can obtain a registration form from the Herne Bay office at 16 Reculver Road, Herne Bay CT6 6LE. Tel 01227 743700.
This will register you for the current year and is renewable on 1st. January for each following year. Using gift aid means that for every pound you give, we will receive an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue. If you pay income tax we would be very grateful if you would complete the form with your registration.
     Journeys are charged at 45p plus 5p per passenger per mile plus £3.00 administration.  Drivers will notify you the cost and you should pay him at the time of the journey.

We will always try to ensure you get a driver when you need one, but as all our drivers are volunteers we cannot guarantee that a car can be provided.
We do like at least 3 days notice and then it is rare for us not to be able to help. You will always be notified of the position.

Yours sincerely,
David Hunt,  Transport coordinator.      Barbara Rice,  administrator.

 Dog Fouling:

Dog fouling is a PACT priority in the Ward and it appears to be on the increase. The City Council is keen to address the problem but with limited resources the procedure for catching and prosecuting offenders can be long and protracted. They are asking residents to be on the lookout for offenders, and where possible to note the time and location of the offence and a description of the dog and owner, especially if this is a regular occurance. Reports should be made to Canterbury City Council on 01227  862000 and ask for Street Scene.