Here you will find information on Speedwatch in West Bay

Speed Watch is here!

The red tape regarding insurance for volunteers has been resolved, and members of the West Bay PACT panel in association with Kent Police, Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council will be conducting roadside checks in the near future in areas where speeding has been reported. This scheme in West Bay is the 126th. to be formed.

A recent session in the Broadway, Western Esplanade and Hampton Pier Avenue yielded no speeders, but the police have been out with a radar gun in the ward and a number of motorists have been caught over the limit of 35 in a 30mph. zone.

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Brake is a charity and we exist because every 30 seconds someone, somewhere, is killed in a road crash. We believe the misery of road deaths and injuries, and the pollution of our planet by vehicles, is a shameful epidemic. With your help, Brake in the UK campaigns to stop the carnage and supports the victims. Learn about our work in the UK by browsing this site, or download this brochure. To browse all our sites, go to
3. GO 20:
20mph is much safer for people walking and cycling because drivers have far more chance to react in an emergency and avoid hitting someone: your stopping distance at 30 is nearly double than at 20 [1]. Where 20 limits have replaced 30 limits, there have been reductions in casualties [2].
Lower urban speeds are particularly good for kids. Research shows children struggle to judge speed when vehicles are doing more than 20mph [3], yet some drivers expect them to keep out of the way or pay the price. We say kids - and everyone else! - should be able to walk and cycle without their lives being endangered.
Yet every day seven children and 19 adults and are killed or seriously injured while walking or cycling on UK roads. Every death and injury is devastating for families involved, and entirely preventable. Th
4. E Petitions:  Reduce the Default Urban Speed Limit from 30mph to 20mph
Responsible department: Department for Transport
This would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, noise pollution and make our towns and cities far more pleasing places - let's introduce 20mph speed limits everywhere people live, work and shop: make it the default urban limit. No need for lots of expensive signage - in fact you could probably clear a lot of street clutter. And motorists would see a saving in fuel costs and wear and tear, at the "cost" of an average of 90 seconds being added to their journeys.
We're seeing big progress around the country on 20mph limits - the London borough of Islington is likely to soon be followed by others - but we could make a big national leap and save a lot of campaigners' time and energy, and a significant number of lives, if we took an immediate step across England and Wales.
5. 20's Plenty
6. EU Petition "30 km/h(20mph) - making the streets liveable!
The EU has clear road safety and environmental goals but these are not yet met. A 30km/h (20mph) standard speed limit would help to implement them more efficiently as it has proven successful in reducing injuries and fatalities, noise, air pollution and CO2 emissions, and improving the traffic flow. People can travel with less fear. Environmentally friendlier modes become more attractive. To meet the subsidiarity principle, the local authorities must have the final decision to set other speed limits on their roads and implement equivalent alternatives to meet the goals

The sites  for carrying out Speedwatch have been decided and the final conformation is now awaited, We should be up and running by the end of July.