About one third of the ward boundry is on the shoreline, there are things to look out for when walking on the beach. These include non-native species of marine life. These are brought in to our waters mainly in the ballast tanks of ships, and they are distributed  when the  ships flush them out. Limpets can be brought in on the hulls of ships etc. Damage to our native species can be caused and indeed to the local marine enviroment as a whole. 

Things to look out for:

known as marine vomit - a smothering alien invader is causing concern for the future of Kent marine life after it was found on a beach in the county. Carpet Sea Squirt has spread cross much of the world, damaging shellfish and fishing grounds. Little can be done once it takes hold - you can help though. Report any sightings of strange marine creatures here http://bit.ly/rneayb MCS is at the cutting edge of fighting off alien marine invaders 

Information on the non-native species listed below can be viewed at  www.nonnativespecies.org

 Chinese Mitten Crab.

Slipper Limpet.

Leathery Sea Squirt.

Marine Vomit.