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Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014  
The following is from Kent Police.

The Police have received up to Five telephone Calls to date from members of the Public who have been phoned, supposedly by Police Officers from London.
The `Officers' claim that they are investigating an arrest and that the Offender has Cards in the name of the person they are phoning.

If members of the Public receive such calls, they should ask for the Police Officers Name and details, plus the Crime Reference Number. They should then Hang Up, give none of their personal details.
They should then Phone 101 and report the details of the telephone call.
There is further information on the Kent Police Website regarding this incident.

Post 14th. December.


Please be aware of a security company cold calling, offering free security systems to "qualifying householders" called L H S.
They are connected to Land Mark Security both company use very aggressive sales tactics and target the older population. If anyone calls from this or any other company offering goods or services, do not enter into a conversation with them just put the phone down. If they continue to call report it to the police on 101.
If you are looking to invest in security systems then contact a reputable company from Trading Standards / Consumer Direct listings or by personal recommendation.
Please pass on this to your members, friends & family.
Thank you

Post 4th. December.


Residents should be aware of this type of theft operating in Herne Bay and district.





Post: 29th. November.

Burglary detectives are asking homeowners to be on their guard against a technique that burglars have been known to use in Kent to identify vulnerable properties.
Reports have been received of stickers being placed on doors or letterboxes of houses advertising a locksmith service.
The sticker has a telephone number on it, but the number is not a registered number.
If the stickers are not removed, burglars presume that the house is empty or that the owners are away.
Placing the stickers also gives burglars the opportunity to 'scout out' the house, and look through windows but to be able to explain themselves as 'delivering advertising' if anyone were to stop them and ask questions.

Police officers recently cracked a similar case in Sevenoaks where the offender was leaving mud on doors to see if it was cleaned away. If it wasn't, the property was potentially empty and a good target. The offender was caught and sentenced to four years and eight months in prison.
Police are now asking that homeowners keep an eye out for - and to report - any suspicious activity to ensure that burglars are thwarted before they get a chance to strike.
Detective Chief Inspector Neil Parker from Kent Police said: 'At Christmas time people tend to have some high value and new items in the house that are appealing to burglars. That is why we are asking members of the public to keep an eye out for unusual signs that might suggest the house has been 'marked' as a possible target and to report this or anything suspicious to us.
It is well worth homeowners investing in items such as timer switches for lights, and alarms for sheds.'Post  4th. November.


Dear All,
For your information there has been a large increase in fraud scams involving vulnerable and elderly persons in the Kent area, as well as nationally. Unfortunately this appears to be a growing problem.
I attach a link to a booklet that outlines the scams that are being used. It may be helpful to pass the information on to anyone, you believe is in this situation, or has the potential of being a possible victim.
Best Regards

Kim Palmer

Financial Investigator


Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate.

Internal Tel: 08 5328

External Tel:01303 289328



Post: 28th. October.


Please be observant of nearby properties if you know the owners are out all day or on holiday.
This weekend will have see the clocks going back an hour resulting in it getting dark earlier.
Check your security and to maybe put a lamp, or light on a timeswitch to come on at different times, to make it look as if the property is occupied.
Just a simple thing but it could make all the difference & deter a burglar.




 Post: 22nd. October.  


At the Side Driveway of a property in Grand Drive, Herne Bay
Between 08:45 and 09:00 on 17th October

A Suspect Vehicle a Tipper Flatbed and coloured white with items of scrap metal in the back driven by a White European Male aged 40 dresed in Scruffy Clothing, camouflage Hoody a Black or Navy Blue Tracksuit with White Stripes down the side, Stocky Build, Dark Brown Short hair and another White European Male aged 40, wearing Scruffy clothing, Grey trousers, Light Green jumper, khaki body warmer, Stocky with dark brown short hair.
Both these Suspects and the Tipper/Flatbed we spotted near the scene.
Two Double Radiators were stolen



Post: 22nd. October.




Stay Safe this Hallowe'en
As well as having more officers on the streets to deal with nuisance behaviour this Hallowe'en, we've also prepared some flyers that you can put in your window or door to let trick or treaters know if you are happy for them to call at your home.
You can also download your flyer from the Kent Police website:
If you have young children, never let them go trick or treating on their own and make sure they only visit people known to your family.
If you have older children, make sure they are not going to consume alcohol when they go out, frighten others or call at homes displaying a 'no trick or treat' sign. It's also safer if they stay in groups and only go into the homes of people they know.
Thursday 17th. October.


Fraudsters are trying to trick people in Kent into revealing PIN numbers and handing over their bank cards. Don't be fooled.

This is how they do it:

1. A fraudster calls pretending to be the police or from your bank, they claim your bank account has been used fraudulently.

2. They tell you to hang up and call the police or bank back to ensure the call is genuine. They stay on the line so when you redial you think you are through to the police or your bank. But you're not. They then tell you to give them your PIN number.

3. They send a taxi or courier to collect your card. With your card and PIN they can access your money.


The police and banks will never ask for your PIN or bank card over the phone. So never give them to anyone.
If you think you have been a victim of this type of crime, call us on 101. Or if the incident is in progress, dial 999.



Monday 22nd. July.


Kent Police is advising shoppers to beware of visitors with maps asking for directions after a distraction theft at the TESCO store in Millstrood Road, Whitstable (Area 1).
At 12.30 pm on Monday 15 July, a woman had just got into her car which and placed her handbag on the passenger seat, when she was approached by a man who had a map and was asking for directions to the hospital.
She got back out of the car to help him.
When she drove away she noticed her handbag open and all her bank cards had been stolen from her purse. Two cards were subsequently used to withdraw £500.
Police believe she was watched as she entered her PIN number at the checkout in the shop. While the man with the map distracted her, an unseen accomplice then stole the cards.
The suspect is described as a 'tanned' man aged 27 to 35 years old, under 5ft tall, of average build with jet black hair and spoke with an eastern European accent.
Sergeant Louise Murphy from the Whitstable Neighbourhood Policing Team said: 'There were two similar incidents in Herne Bay a couple of months ago, which may be connected and it has also happened in other parts of the county.
'It is sad that these criminals prey on the good nature of local people to take advantage and steal from them, and I would urge everyone to be on their guard.
'Cover the chip & pin machine with your hand as you enter your PIN number and if someone asks for help, keep your handbag and purse with you and beware of things like maps being used to distract you.' She added.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Murphy on 01227 868060 (answerphone).
If you have information but would prefer to remain anonymous, please call Kent Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Monday 15th. July.

Just to remind residents to shut and lock all doors and windows before leaving the house during this spell of warm weather. In fact it is a good idea to post a reminder note near the front door.

Just recently, in our area, we have been experiencing a spate of overnight burglaries.
It seems that many people go to bed without ensuring that all doors to their homes/premises are locked, thus enabling opportunist burglars to gain access to the property.

Please rememember to check window & door locks before retiring for the evening.


Reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime:

Lock the doors and close the windows and sunroof whenever you leave your car
Don't leave anything on display in your vehicle - even a jacket can seem like an appealing target for a thief
Park your vehicle in a garage, secure car park or a well lit area if possible
Make sure you don't leave your car keys visible from the outside of your home

Don't leave valuables unattended or on display i.e. on top of a pram, trolley or table
Keep your bag zipped up and in front of your body - use a purse chain if you can



In Canterbury district fly-tipping should be reported to Serco on 0800 031 9091. Serco is the Canterbury City Council contractor. If it is on public land Serco will arrange for its collection. If it is on private land Serco is not able to remove it but can provide a removal quote. In all cases the fly-tipping is investigated so that the perpetrator can be identified. If you see fly-tipping in process call 999.


Free home safety advice and services

I can highly recommend an excellent service offered by Kent Fire and Rescue Service who Kent Police work in partnership with. For free they will carry out a home check, offer advice, and install smoke alarms if needed. I booked an appointment at home and was highly impressed at the advice offered and the newest up-to-date smoke alarms installed. Best of all they are not triggered by me burning the toast (again!).

To make an appointment call Kent Fire and Rescue Service on 0800 923 7000 or email


    As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce crime in your area, your Local Neighbourhood Policing Team is working to promote Crime Prevention. You may have heard about a number of recent incidents involving the theft of kayaks and canoes. The nights drawing in and the fact that these items are often in secluded storage over the autumn/winter makes them targets.

There are many items readily available that can be considered to improve security in general depending on the storage options available and geographic circumstances.

Boathouses, compounds and clubs can be targets for theft, anti social behaviour, arson and vandalism as can beach areas especially beach huts. Usually because they are sited away from immediate housing and it is obvious when they are unoccupied. Some members of the public will report suspicious behaviour but not all, before they return home. Signage with the police non emergency phone number 101 in the vicinity can often encourage passers by to contact the police.

The height and design of perimeter fencing and gating is very important, there are some excellent designs available so any new fencing should be well researched. The Secured by Design website lists companies that have had their products tested successfully to achieve SBD accreditation. Often I see fencing of an inadequate height, with footholds designed in and even with person sized gaps underneath if the ground level is uneven.  Anti climb paint, defensive wall toppings and defensive planting create a physical and psychological barrier, and again signage is a deterrent.

Gates are often left unlocked or have an inadequate chain/padlock. list products tested to a high level. The number and type of measures that can delay or frustrate opportunists can be very effective, deflecting offenders.

Inside the perimeter there are often ways over it or items nearby that make entry easier - ladders and tools should be locked away and any lighting columns and trees can be fitted with a collar to avoid them making climbing over easy.

Beach huts and chalets can also be targets. If storing a kayak under a beach hut, it should be secured away out of view whenever possible. General beach hut security advice is detailed on

Page 2
6 September 2012

Residential Gardens, some store them in residential gardens, this can be easier to keep watch over, however, the garden itself should be secure and the kayaks should be chained or secured to ground anchors or similar. The has some useful advice about garden and perimeter security, the section about bike storage is reasonably transferable.

Property Marking, property marking is a deterrent. It is worth considering for kayaks and many other similar items. Kits can be either a UV pen or a forensic marking solution such as Smartwater, SelectaDNA, Crimestoppers or RedWeb solutions and even datatag systems. Items that are marked are less likely to be stolen, however, if they are stolen and recovered, they can be returned to the rightful owner. It is advisable to take photographs of items that can't easily be marked. Marking kits usually come with signage that should be displayed as a further deterrent. Property should be marked in an obvious place as a deterrent and a place that only the owner knows about in case the obvious marking is damaged. We also recommend that you register identifiable property on the national property database at Some of the kits mentioned cost less than £20.

All kayaks should have a serial number that you should note down and keep safe, this is usually near the rear of the kayak and may be imprinted so you need to feel rather that see the mark.

Transporting your kayak is usually in a vehicle or on a roof rack. Kayaks on roof racks can be targeted when left parked, even if the vehicle is close to the occupants but when they are distracted or preoccupied. Roof racks can be secured and even lockable and kayaks can also be secured to roof bars.  

If you would like any further crime prevention advice, please don't hesitate to contact your local Crime Prevention Design Advisor by dialling 101.



 Kent Police Telephone Numbers.

 999 For emergencies.

101 for enquiries and non urgent calls.

The police telephone number 01622 690690 is no longer available.
The new number is 101. This number should be used to report crime that has already happened and for such situations as when a car has been stolen, property damaged, if someone suspects drug use or dealing, minor traffic collisions, and to give information about crime or criminals.
People should aslo dial 101 if they want to talk to their local police officer.
You should still dial 999 when a crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, someone is injured, being threatened or a life is at risk.