Welcome to the West Bay & West Heron Neighbourhood Panel website

(Neighbourhood Panel)



The panel exists to help improve the quality of life in our area of Herne Bay.

This website gives information about the panel and the issues that are being worked on.

The site increases the opportunity for everyone in West Bay and West Heron Ward to be involved.

You can find out about current issues and concerns - and through this site you can give your views and raise other issues via the guestbook or by email.

The site also has information about local clubs, societies, churches and other activities - as well as useful local information and links to other websites.

This site is a community resource which we very much want everyone to use - please send us your views - and send any information which you would like to be considered for inclusion. The more involvement the better the site!

The website is funded by Kent County Council with a grant obtained by our former county councillors David Hirst and Jean Law. We are very grateful for this support.

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 Photos by Liz Crudgington and Geoff Gambrill